Donald "Moe" Hunt standout athlete was drafted into the military like many of his peers. He was a paratrooper in the army in 82nd airborne. Upon returning to civilian life and after attending college his new career was for Stebbins Engineering as a design Draftman. His boss who was a former Navy hardhat Diver made a friendly wager at the water cooler. You make a jump I'll make a dive that was the bet. Scuba wasn't even a term yet. Moe with his mechanical aptitude fashioned a makeshift Dive apparatus out of a spare tire on s rim that he overpressurized to125 psi that was hooked up to a airline using fittings with a petcock to control the flow. He adapted it to a pilots gas mask where he remove the cover plate and coated the diaphragm with rubber cement to make it waterproof using tallc powder to keep it from sticking to the cover plate. Not knowing anything about breathing compressed air underwater he began an adventure that would shape the rest of his life. Taking that first breath underwater he didn't realize that there was talc powder inside the inner tube to keep them from sticking together. Eventually he was able to purchase his first aqua lung and demand regulator. Wetsuits were something that you had to buy the material cut the pattern outfit you glue together yourself hopefully realizing that the front and back are two different shapes. Getting at Aqualung field was something you couldn't go down to the local dive shop because they didn't exist they had to be shipped out to get filled, they were only filled 1800 psi. It was worth the wait. He was having fun making money diving part time doing salvage jobs, inspections instructing then what he was making at his full-time job so he literally cut the cord with both fins in the water never look back. The year was 1953.over the years his company continued to grow along with the latest in technology and equipment advancements try to keep up with the latest innovations. He's a pioneer in the diving he says he started diving when you had to have a pea for brain and strong back now it's high-tech and high-fashion. He said that he didn't choose this career this career chose him as for his former boss he never did make the jump