Remotely Operated Vehicle Project 

The remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is generally utilized where its impractical to deploy divers due to cost factors, inadequate confined space restrictions and other sensitive environmental concerns. The ROV is the primary choice of tools used in areas for pre inspection, hazardous or unknown conditions when warranted. Hunt Underwater Specialties utilizes several different styles of ROVs from crawler styles class as (pictured below) for inspections of smaller diameter potable water intake transmissions to the mini ROV class for inspections of potable water stand pipes, hydroelectric penstocks, tailraces, head-gates, dam inspections and other miscellaneous underwater structures. The mini ROV model Hydroacoustics designed by Dan Scoville (pictured below being lower by hand) has built in side scanning sector sonar, one arm three jaw manipulator, one forward color camera (tilt), one forward black & white camera (tilt), one rear fixed black & white camera, full LED lighting forward & rear, fiber optic umbilical with on board power supply.

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