Potable Water Tank  Project

Hunt Underwater Specialties, LLC has performed inspections, cleaning, repairs and maintenance to on above ground reservoirs, below ground reservoirs, elevated towers in addition to potable water tanks we also inspect, clean, repair and provide maintenance to fire suppression systems. We steam clean all of our equipment and disinfectant with the chlorine solution of 200 parts per million after each use. Our equipment is also rinsed freshwater and dry thoroughly we store our equipment in dedicated containers until needed again. We repeated this process each time that our equipment is used for potable water diving including cameras, lights, tools, accessories and any instrumentation's. We have made repairs to hatch covers, ventilation screens, cathodic protection systems, protective coating failure, lead testing of the coatings, underwater epoxy repairs of the coatings, vacuuming of sediment from the floor and walls, repairs to internal and external ladders just to name a few.